Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fanart - Robot Unicorn Attack

I don't play a lot of mobile games, but since I've gotten an iPad and have been traveling a lot, there are a few that I really like. Angry Birds, Temple Run, and Robot Unicorn Attack. Mainly because they're simple and I can get into it really quick for a few minutes, then stop.

Robot Unicorn Attack is pure genius. The title is so ridiculous and the entire concept is so silly, that you just HAVE to see what it is. And then once you play it, it's very addicting and fun. Honestly, the art is beautiful. In a weird way. The music is also awesome and weird at the same time. But it somehow fits. Adult Swim Games created something awesome with this game. It's just a simple game with 2 buttons that makes you wish you had thought of that.

So I decided to paint a tribute to the game. I might do an Angry Birds and Temple Run piece as well to go along with it. Hope you enjoy. If you don't know where to find the game, click HERE and play it :).

-Chris Shehan

Kickstarter - Hell Paso

In 2010 I got my first opportunity at my first paid comic gig. It was on a mini-series called Hell Paso. I did pencils and inks for issue 5 and did inks and some color assistance on issue 6. You can find the series here.

Well I'm proud to say that 3 years later, writer Jaime Portillo of JimmyDaze Comics, launched a Kickstarter to have a special edition Trade Paperback print of Hell Paso made. Meaning all 6 issues in one big book, plus special features and bonus material. His Kickstarter was successful, and even though I'm not earning royalties of any sort off of this series, it's important to me being the project that started my career. So congrats to Jaime Portillo! Awesome!

Check out some of my old 2010 Hell Paso art HERE